Sado Island Adventure

A Bike tour is the perfect way to see the sites on Sado Island, especially when they are electric bikes!  Riding west along the southern coast of Sado you will find many interesting views and historical sites.   As you turn north to return to Ogi Port, you will have the opportunity to ride through the beautiful forests and farmland of Sado.


Sado Island Taiko

Sado Island Taiko Centre is run by Kodo Cultural Foundation, located on the hill in the neighbourhood of Kodo Village. The spacious hall constructed using Sado-produced timber produces joyful resonance. Tatakokan is home to two huge taiko drums that were hand-carved from an enormous 600-year-old keyaki (Japanese zelkova) log. “Taiko Experience” programs led by the Taiko Centre’s instructors and a range of other events are on offer.

Which adventure you choose will decide your day

on Sado Island!